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Welcome to the Causales online portal for cultural marketing and sponsoring. The Causales agency is the top information source for executives from the private sector, the art and cultural sector and the media in Europe. As a trend-setting corporate sponsoring agency, we present the most attractive cultural brands from Europe with their sponsoring proposals and the most successful corporate sponsoring examples from business companies. With our expertise and our products such as the Annual of European Cultural Brands, the Kulturmarken-Award, a glamorous Gala and the two-day KulturInvest-Kongress in Berlin, we promote the professionalisation of cultural branding and sponsoring. With the monthly newsletter the most important news and trends are regularly provided by Causales. We are happy to provide you with further information and give you advice!


Cultural Brand Award

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With 660 top-class submissions, the Cultural Brand Award has become the most important industry prize since 2006. An independent jury of experts calls culture service providers, tourist regions and culture-promoting companies and foundations from the entirety of Europe to enter in seven competition categories by August 31th, to display their professional brand management and exceptional investment in culture.

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CultureInvest Congress

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For the sixth time, Causales – Cultural Marketing and Sponsorship, with more than 50 partners, are hosting the CultureInvest Congress on October 30th and 31st in Berlin. The Congress has established
itself as the most important industry gathering for cultural institutions and culture investors in the German-speaking zone in the past few years. This year, for the first time, the focus is on European knowledge transfer and the networking of European stakeholders. A particular emphasis this year is on the official partner country France, promoted by the French embassy and the French Institute in Berlin.

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2nd Annual of European Cultural Brands 2016

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Book your presence in the annual now and take advantage of the early booking discount until December 12, 2014  as well as until March 31, 2015.
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Annual of European Cultural Brands

ca annual 2015The interest in potential cultural investments has not been restricted by national borders for some time. Culture service providers with an international or EU-wide reach now have, for the first time, the chance to present their sponsorship packages in the English-language Annual of European Cultural Brands, and thus to convince commercial partners from across Europe the uniqueness of your communication platforms.

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European cultural manager of the year 2014: André Schmitz

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(former State Secretary for Culture, Berlin, Germany)

As permanent secretary from 2006 to 2014, André Schmitz was responsible for successfully completing probably the largest cultural act of any city worldwide for 428.6 million euros. Utilising a clever staffing policy he was able to get important artists like Ulrich Khuon, Prof. Jürgen Flimm and Barrie Kosky to move to Berlin and to consolidate cultural infrastructure like the Friedrichstadtpalast. It was a heartfelt matter for Schmitz to look back on the period of national socialism in Berlin and Germany. More...


European cultural brand of the year 2014: Institut du Monde Arabe (France)

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The Institut du Monde Arabe is the result of a partnership between France and the 28 member states of the Arab League. Currently, 800,000 visitors each year get a better understanding of the diversity of the Arab world and of Islamic culture. The distinctive architecture of Jean Novel not only houses a museum and a unique library inside Europe, it is also the perfect platform for a substantial dialogue between the Middle East and the West. More...


European take-off brand of the year 2014: Palais de Tokyo (France)

KulturInvestKongress 2014 Pressefotos Preisverleihung PhilippSattler-10 280

With its reopening in April 2012, Palais de Tokyo became the biggest and most important centre for contemporary art in Europe, but not in the conventional sense, but rather in the creative realm. With a unique brand personality and self-image as a trend setter, the organisation sets in place permanent cultural landmarks; so, for instance, it has established itself as the happening location for fashion events, shows and concerts that are targeted towards young audiences. More...


European cultural investor of the year 2014: RWE Česká republika (Czech Republic)

KulturInvestKongress 2014 Pressefotos Preisverleihung PhilippSattler-10 280

The ‘RWE - energy of Czech film’ project has funded the development of Czech films on a systematic basis since 2005. The long-term financed project links all levels of ‘film life’ and involves students, screenplay authors, film producers as well as film fans and critics in equal measure in its activities. But RWE is not just a passive investor, but also the first company outside of the film industry that acts as an active co-producer in the Czech Republic. More...


City brand of the year 2014: Bregenz (Austria)

KulturInvestKongress 2014 Pressefotos Preisverleihung PhilippSattler-12 280

Bregenz has a strategic potential as a cultural and festival city, which has versatile, quality experiences on offer that would also benefit an international audience. Bregenz has reinvigorated the experience city concept with many big cultural events, like the Bregenz festival with the largest floating stage in the world or the architectural beacon, like, for instance, in the Festspielhaus Bregenz that was newly opened in 2007, the Kunsthaus Bregenz and the spectacular Vorarlberg-Museum. More...


European cultural tourism region of the year 2014: Ruhr metropolis (Germany)

KulturInvestKongress 2014 Pressefotos Preisverleihung PhilippSattler-14 280

Smoky chimneys are long confined to the history books - well since Europe’s city of culture “RUHR 2010” at the latest as the Ruhr metropolis presents itself as a modern, and unique cultural region. The central approach is distinguished by viewing the region in its entirety as a cooperative entity made up of 53 cities and over 1,500 tourist attractions and in linking these together effectively, so as to develop the Ruhr metropolis into an urban tourism destination from both a national and international context. More...


European education programme of the year 2014: Mahler Chamber Orchestra (Germany)

KulturInvestKongress 2014 Pressefotos Preisverleihung PhilippSattler-17 280

‘Feel the music’ is an education project series from the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, which takes on and handles the theme of inclusion in an impressive manner. The project series is accompanying the 4 year cycle of ‘The Beethoven Journey’ with Leif Ove Andsnes, the artistic partner of the MCO, and invites hearing-impaired children from all over Europe to explore the world of music with all their senses. To date, 140 children have taken part in ‘Feel the music’ projects in 7 countries.  More...


Night of Cultural Brands

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For the best of the best this year, we are rolling out the red carpet for the Cultural Brand Gala at the Berlin City Opera Hall in the Schiller Theatre, on October 30th 2014. At this event, the prizes for the European Cultural Brand, Take-off Brand, Culture Manager, Cultural Investor, Education Program and Cultural Tourism Region will be awarded. This industry get-together for cultural marketing and sponsorship will also enable unique contacts to be formed between decision-makers from politics, culture, business and media throughout Europe. You can find further information from April onwards on.

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